All aboard the Polar Express!

This year Grandma, and Grandpa, planned a Polar Express party for the the Grandkids. It was over the top fun! We had a whole night of activities centered around the Polar Express theme. We made lifesaver trains, decorated, and painted our own box cars. We went on a train ride All dressed in our winter clothing, and drank hot coco. All the kids wrote a letter to Santa, and then we ended the night watching "The Polar Express," while eating Grandpas famous Popcorn! I don't know how this Christmas could ever be forgotten!
Thank You Grandpa, and Grandma for such a magical night!

Ryan Garrett came prepared to sing "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas," opera style. We all laughed so hard our cheeks hurt!


This year we wanted to try something new! With Jules just being 1 month old. I was not feeling up to decorating my 12 foot monster of a Christmas Tree. I decided we were going to go simple, and have a fresh tree, and have the girls make homemade ornaments, and decorate it themselves!

The first step was finding the perfect tree!
Paisley loved this small one!

And the search begins!

After stopping at several places, we found the perfect tree! Just the right size for the girls!

Now to get it ready to take home!

The girls strung popcorn, made paper chains, put together decorations that I bought through Oriental trading, and they hung all the cute crafts they made at school! I think this was the first year I have ever let them touch our main tree. They did a great job, and were so excited to show everyone who came to our house, their masterpiece. I would have to say we had so much fun for weeks working on our little tree! We will have many memories of this Christmas, and the time we spent as a family!


The girls each had Christmas Celebrations for school. At American Heritage they always do their traditional Teddy Bear Hug, and sing-a-long for the whole school. This year for Addie's 2nd grade class they acted out the Nativity. Addison's teacher asked If Jules could be baby Jesus for their Christmas Devotional. All the kids were so excited to have a real baby in their nativity, and Jules was a champ!!

Mary, Joseph and Jesus (Jules)!

Paisley had a cute Christmas Program for Mrs. Bessey's Pre-School. She was so cute singing all the songs.

Paisley Loves Pre-School!



We had Thanksgiving Day up at Grandma, and Grandpa Gardner's house. As always it was above and beyond. We all had such a fun crazy day, with great food! Thank you Grandma, for all your hours of hard work. It was such an enjoyable day!

Our amazing Grandma, Nancy Gardner!

It was so fun to eat together with our gigantic family!


No holding back today!

We had a photographer come and take pictures of our family's since we were all together.
Ellie grabbed Jenny's camera, and the kids had such a blast for hours taking pictures of all the cousins.

Not the best pic of the family, but at least we are all together!

Chill time for Ellie, after the hard work of being a Photographer all night!

Jules first Thanksgiving
1month old

My little Ellie is getting so big!

We love to play games until late into the night!

It wouldn't be a Gardner party without the traditional Handstand contest!
Addie is getting pretty good!


Our cute little girls!

Ellie 10 years

Addison 8 years

Paisley 4 years

Jules 1 week

Jules pooped on the floor during the photo shoot! So glad it wasn't on me!!!

Proud Daddy!

Jeff wasn't so lucky! Ha Ha we all got a good laugh!



This year Halloween was way low key, because of Jules only being 2 weeks old. The kids didn't know the difference, and still had a great time! Jeff and I were able to relax, and just enjoy the evening. If only we had better weather. I hate when it rains on Halloween!

Ellie went as a Gothic punk rocker, Addison went as a Flower Child, Paisley went as a Queen, and Jules was the Little Mermaid! Her Aunt Jenny went to Build a Bear and bought her the outfit. It was seriously so dang cute! I was such a bad mom, and I didn't get a picture of Jules in her costume before the girls went trick or treating. Who dose that? I forgot a picture of her first Halloween! Anyway she was darling!

Boy did this costume fit Ellie a little to well! Ha Ha all attitude!!
This year we let Ellie go trick or treating with her friends. She was more than happy to ditch the little sisters!

Peace baby!
Jeff and Uncle Cameron, took all the kids trick or treating while Brittney, and I stayed home with the babies. Maybe that's why it was such a relaxing night!
Addison and Paisley, had tons of fun with some of their favorite cousins Kennedi, and Abbi.
Queen Paisley was so happy she got to dress up two days in a row, for pre-school, and trick or treating. I loved how excited she was! Its so much fun to live through your children. In a good way of course!

For Pre-school, Paisleys class had a parade for all the parents at the end of their celebration!
What little cuties!



Jules Gardner
October 15, 2010
12:12 P.M.
7lbs 10oz, 19.5 inch

Our family was so excited to welcome this new little one into our home. I never go into labor myself, so I had my water broken at 8:30 A.M. the morning of the 15Th. Because I have had a C-section in the past I couldn't have anything to help my labor along. I was a little nervous that things wouldn't progress, and I would end up with another C-section. I was so happy when labor finally started, and moved quite quickly. I delivered at 12:12 just under 4 hours. The delivery was quite easy with no complications.

Every time I have a baby, I am so overwhelmed with the spirit. I cant express the love, and gratitude I feel for being a Mother. I'm in love with my little family!
My girls were so excited to have a new little sister to love on. I knew I would never get a turn holding this little one, once I got home, so Jeff, and I took full advantage of the time we had with Jules in the hospital.

I was so grateful to finally be holding my baby!

I love this picture of my girls all waiting outside the nursery window for Jules, while she got her first bath.

Jules was so pleasant from the moment she was born. She is so content, and such a good baby. Even while they gave her a bath and rubbed her down she never cried.
I forget how little babies are, until I strap them in the car seat for the first time. Jules looked so dang cute!
Paisley and Addison holding Jules. It was so cute how both of them keep taking turns kissing and hold her.

Ellie came to the hospital with Jeff and I, when I had the baby. She was so excited that she was the first person to come in after delivery, to hold the baby. Ellie has been such a
good helper to me!

Very proud parents!
It is such a challenge for Jeff, and I to get these little ones here. But Its worth it all, when they are finally placed in your arms!